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It reflects the sales situation of a  Cambodia Email List product. However, since this number is updated every few hours, if you want to study a certain listing, a more scientific method is to continue the same time period for several days. Record this number. Generally speaking, products ranking within 6,000 in major categories are considered products with relatively good sales. For some products, you  and the ranking of the sub-category, but from the perspective of sales research, the ranking of the major category is more valuable for reference. The Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) number has several characteristics: · The timeliness reflects the recent popularity of a certain category, and the number does not only reflect the sum of all sales data accumulated in history.


Suppose the sales of a product suddenly increase during a certain period of time, but then return to normal levels after a few days, the BSR will also decrease accordingly. · Latency . When a product is sold at this moment, it does not reflect this data to the Amazon algorithm and the BSR number in real time. Instead, it will always take several hours or even a day. Different categories will have different situations. · The BSR algorithm for complex major categories is complicated. The competition for the ranking of each product under a certain major category is not only competing with the same minimum category, but also with other sub-categories and sub-categories .

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