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Under the new rules, only one category node can be set up, so it is important to select the category node where the product is located. 2. Search relevance: The title contains keywords or fill in the search keywords 3. Search keywords: Make full use of the 5 search keywords of the product, style keywords, material keywords, etc. This is very helpful for search rankings. 2. Evaluation system related to ranking 1. Seller feedback .

This is for sellers and corresponds  Cayman Islands Email List to the buyer feedback in the background performance. Buyers can only give feedback and ratings to the seller of this product after purchasing the product. The higher the rating, the more comments there are. Seller feedback directly affects the ranking of the entire store in search rankings. If product reviews affect one product, then feedback may affect the entire store. 2. Product reviews . This is for buyers to see, showing the product details page. This is a ranking about popularity. The more comments, the better the quality of the comments, and the better it is for search rankings.


3. Other Amazon rankings 1. Relevant ranking (the more the keywords and attributes contained match the search keywords, the higher the exposure rate) 2. Discount (the greater the discount, the higher the ranking) 3. Shelf time (this is completely based on the time when the product is uploaded to the Amazon store) 4. Ranking of the highest (highest) lowest price 4.  Buy Box that follows sales The Buy Box qualification and price of the seller are related to the seller's reputation and whether it does FBA. The priority is FBA>price>=credibility.


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